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elePAW is a web software for employee management

upload the employee's documents and manage all master data with the accounting data

The management and the dispatch of all business documents in just a few clicks away!

elePAW allows consultants and companies to quickly and securely send documents which can also be used each one to a different user, with a single simple procedure that associates and automatically sends the files to their recipients with significant time savings.

Global accessibility

The software can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. I sent and received documents, are so available wherever you are. A real online store!

Single and multiple sending

Ability to send individual documents or document batches, each intended for a different person, with one simple operation that associates each file automatically to its respective receiver.

More control

Using elePAW, the user is always able to know if and when the documents he sent were read, thus having the assurance of not only receiving but also of reading (which requires no action by the recipient).

Mail or sms notifications

For each uploaded document, the software allows you to send an email automatically and / or text message to people who are reached by telling them that there is a new document to read.leggere.

Management consultants

elePAW is a very useful tool for consultants and accountants so they may send to all their customers the documents drawn up on their behalf (F24, payroll, etc.) having a guarantee of reception and reading of the same.

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Q.Why sending payroll system, for example, with elePAW and not by mail?

A. The advantages are several: first, the time savings. All slips are loaded simultaneously and are assigned by the software to its recipient without the possibility of error. With a single shipment, then, you are sent to each employee their own paychecks. The company also has the ability to know when or who downloaded the document sent, having read certainty. Finally, if agreed by the payroll office, you can give access to only upload documents so they're already available office personnel administration for sending to employees.

Q.We are one payroll / accounting firm: we can send to our client companies the documents they are responsible?

A. With elePAW consultants can send to their customers all the documents within their competence in a simple, fast and secure.

Q.How are users managed in the program?

A. elePAW allows the company to enter into the software and organize a real hierarchy of groups / offices / departments. Each one is associated with the employees belonging. It will therefore be possible to then send the documents to individuals or groups of people (eg. Office administration, sales department etc). Users, or in our example the employees, they will see in their area only protected documents addressed to them.

Q.Can I be notified of the arrival of a new document addressed to me?

A. The company can choose to send to all recipients of an email notification, text message or both. The recipients will be so informed immediately of new documents addressed to them and available in their reserved area.

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